King of Swords

“The King of Swords is primed for action, his weapons ready, as he pauses to weigh the situation.  He is highly analytical, often pursuing a career in law or publishing.  His leadership is unquestioned.”


I drew this card for the blog and my friends here.

The King of Swords is a very powerful figure.  All the Kings represent people at the top of their game, the peak of their profession.

Swords carry the added meaning of decision-making; fast wit; and interestingly, communication.  (Remember the “cutting remark” and the “sharp tongue”?)

The King, in all the images except the most schematic that I came across, has a far-off look in his eye; he is a shrewd strategist and responsible leader, having the foresight to take the action that benefits his kingdom best.

Is he a fair king?  Yes – though he can be harsh, too.

What does all this mean?  Remember, in Tarot, a question is asked before the card is drawn.  My question to my cards was:  “Show me a card that will be significant to those who visit my blog in the near future.”

So, if you like to post in your comments how you think this card relates to you, or even ask another question, I’ll gladly answer.



4 thoughts on “King of Swords

  1. I hope this card applies to me and some of the creative projects I’m currently trying to take forwards 🙂 this energy would seem to imply wise choices.

    • aqgreenfairy says:

      It does: You are here and read the post. Therefore you are one of the people I “cast out” for when I asked the cards to provide an insight. 🙂

      Trust your decisions; weigh them carefully like the King would, and then act on them as though nothing can go wrong. The King is a tremendously powerful card. He implies you know what you’re doing.

  2. a career as a publisher, eh? …very fitting

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