Inspirational Card for today:

Knight of Cups





The Knight on a White Charger (or, ^_^ in the fantasy decks, a black stallion / black mount of sorts).

Traditional interpretation (Hanson-Roberts):

“Astride a white steed, this knight gazes upon a chalice – the Holy Grail? – as the road winds before him. This attractive and persuasive individual is on a quest, perhaps romantic or spiritual.  An invitation or proposal is on the way.”

Additional information:

Cups usually denote abundance, wealth – but also emotion, love matters, and also spirit matters.  The knight is wearing a winged helmet – like the messenger god Hermes (Mercury in the Roman pantheon).  Is he therefore the bringer of a message?  As a knight on a white charger (or black stallion, as the fantasy decks depict) is he off to rescue you?

My impressions:

This always strikes me as an immensely positive, inspiring card.  “Cavalier des Coupes” – you may experience special consideration, today.  Someone may offer to do things for you that you have been avoiding.  Help may be on the way, leading you on your own quest for happiness, abundance or even your spiritual search.

The road stretches on and on ahead of the knight – but he seems in no hurry; he knows he will get there.  The destination is very worthy – the path leads to the high mountains in the distance.

This is a wonderful card to carry with you for today.  Enjoy it!



2 thoughts on “Inspirational Card for today:

  1. Harmony says:

    I hope this means my knight in shining armour is on his way!

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