Six of Swords – apologies

Apologies to my blog pals that this card comes so late in the day.  It’s a card to look back on, and to contemplate, perhaps.  What happened today?

A man is in a boat rowing quite forcefully to get to the distant shore.  Six swords are in the boat with him.

->  Water and boats could mean travel, emigration even; this man looks as though he is trying to rescue what he has, across to the other shore.

With water, there is always an element of abundance, emotion and spirituality.  However this water seems to be more of a bother than a help.  The lake is calm, but the man has to toil to get across it.  Yet he is intent; he shall reach his goal.


In the traditional decks, the man is not alone; he is rowing his wife and child across.  This definitely looks like an emigration.  In the Hanson-Roberts deck, the man is alone.  But look at the fantasy card!  It is Morgaine parting the mists to Avalon! In this version, a spiritual journey seems to be it.

(There was another fantasy card but it is too dark to post, I don’t believe it quite represents the meaning of the card any longer.)

Conventional interpretation:

Someone is about to cut you some slack.  Relief after a struggle.  You may be taking a sea voyage.


What I make of it:

Now remember, this card does not stand alone.  It comes in chronological order, today’s card, at the end of the day after the Three of Rods yesterday.  The Three of Rods watched ships come in; the ship theme continues.

What I find interesting is that everything in the past few days have been journey cards.  The ships are in the Three of Rods, too; ships always indicate the possibility of travel.  Before that, the old man in Ten of Rods had a difficult road to travel, and before him, the Knight of Cups was on a mission.

This is an interesting road we set out on.  I’m curious where it will lead us?

Oh – you wanted an interpretation.  Fine:

Well, the journey continues, but you are not alone.  You are made to work really hard; there are many people helping, yet still, the goal you set yourself is difficult and you truly need to be a King to achieve it.  Do not give up!

Oh, and I nearly forgot:

Swords – meaning intellect, communication and accurate decisions.  Six swords to “cut through the clutter”.  Use them well!

Now remember to sleep tight tonight, tomorrow we’ll continue with a new card.




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