Ten of Pentacles, bon weekend!


An old man is surrounded by his loving and harmonious family (including the dog).

Pentacles (coins) represent material riches; this card also represents the completion that comes with having raised a beautiful family.  Is he the benefactor?  It certainly seems so.  Is the young couple in the background dependent on him for finances?  Perhaps…

“Life is full.  Wealth will be passed down through the generations.  The family is safe and secure.”

My thoughts:

Pentacles again.  Money is apparently not a problem.  Both yesterday’s and today’s cards show you not to worry; your fiscal position is, if not necessarily brilliant, at least comparatively stable.  You’re not about to go to jail for bad debt.

The contrast to yesterday’s card is of course the family, as opposed to the meditative loneliness of the lady in the orchard.  Perhaps you need to visit family today, check on an elderly relative?

An interesting detail in both cards are the animals.  A wild bird; a dog.  The wild or exotic bird usually carries a message of spiritual guidance; but spirit guides come in many shapes, and it’s not uncommon for them to take on the shape of house pets.  In Russia lives a good house spirit called a Domovoi,


who though shaggy and sometimes monstrous, has the life mission to protect the family in his house. (I think I’ll start a breeding program for Domoviye,  they must be so in demand, don’t you think?)  The Domovoi, if I understand this right, can take the shape of a large dog so that he can interact with the family without them fearing him.

This card in our 30-day tarot journey tells you to take a weekend, and to look after your family matters, especially perhaps your elderly parents or grandparents.  If you are that grandparent, make sure you read to your grandchildren today.

Despite it being from the suit of pentacles there is a strong emotional meaning connected to this specific card.

If you have pets, give them special consideration today.

Enjoy your Saturday!




(*Observation:  What puzzles me more than a bit by now is the absence of Major Arcana in this longditudinal reading. All the cards drawn so far are number cards, or minor arcana.  Where is the Sun, Strength, The Star, The Mage? Why are they hiding?)

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