Owning a post & Three of Rods, again

I can understand how nobody came forward to “own” my previous post.  Of course not!  What bad luck would that bring?  Well, it will become clear over the next few days what on earth the cards thought they were doing.

Here’s your card for today:

Three of Rods (again)



To rehash:

Three of Wands:  The person is looking out over a vast expanse (usually the sea) waiting.  In the traditional versions, ships are coming in.  Also in the traditional cards, the sky is glowing in sunset; indicating things coming to fruition.

What I find interesting in the second and third image is the birds.  Why are there birds circling the waiting person?  Birds are messengers; they also indicate freedom and spirituality.

The first of these three cards intrigued me.  Unlike the two others, the waiting lady is looking out over an empty landscape (not the sea which usually indicates abundance & emotion).  This lady has her little cat – her familiar waiting by her side; and she is standing on a precarious ledge, having built piles of rocks and using her sticks to create what looks like signs.  There’s a stream running in the valley; a minor feature in the mountainous landscape.

Unlike the first time we drew this card, the main feeling here is that of waiting.

Whatever it is, it’s coming your way…  

I’m waiting too:  I want to know what it is we are waiting for.  I could draw a second card for clarification but that would break the pattern, as I did yesterday, and see the revenge I got!  We’ll leave it at one card, shan’t we?













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