Queen of Pentacles

I’m sorry that time didn’t permit me to post yesterday.  So we missed one day in the journey of 30 days.

What did we miss?

In any case here’s the Queen of Pentacles today:

Roses,  a bunny, fruit, beauty, abundance.  Coins: Money.

“Sensual and earthy, she enjoys abundance in many areas of her life. A lover of luxury, she is quick to share her wealth.”

When the Major Arcana hit me with all those bad cards, I decided the path we are following lacks some guidance.  Yes, for someone here on the blogs disaster was foretold. And what are we supposed to do about this then?  How can we help?   What can she (or he) do to avert?  I asked the Tarot (or the guides, or the energies – I’ll do a detailed post on all that at some other point) to be more specific; to show me action cards.

These are cards that give an instruction.  They are still from exactly the same deck, but instead of foretelling, they “tell”, or suggest a course of action.

So what is the Queen of Pentacles telling us now?

She is telling us to take a particular view on wealth or material riches.  It’s interesting that while she is the Queen of Coins (i.e. of money), she surrounds herself with animals (spirit guides) and flowers (beauty and inspiration).  (In the Hanson-Roberts deck she is holding a rabbit in her arm, showing caring for the small fluffy things.)

Her attitude to wealth and abundance (which come effortlessly to her) is that of sharing.  Her main focus is on beauty and caring, while she takes her abundance for granted.

You too take things for granted (everyone does).  Can you think of others who don’t have what you have?  Simply become aware that you are living well, and if you feel so inclined, honour her by sharing some abundance today.  Surround yourself with beauty; find inspiration in nature; and allow the message the spirit guides want to bring you through small animals, to reach you.

There’s another aspect to this card, namely fertility.

If you’re trying for a baby, today might be the right moment!  And if you’re not trying for a baby, well…  then don’t be naughty, will you?

There we are.  ^__^

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