Six of Cups; shadowed by Queen of Cups

Once again a second card sneaked out with the first.

Six of Cups is the leading card here, indicating nostalgia, possibly longing for days gone by or even for a lost love.



The most important theme here are the children, the nostalgia.

Queen of Cups came sneaking in behind the Six of Cups.



“This sensual Queen drinks deeply from the cup of life.  Her emotions and sexuality are intense; she relies on intuition before intellect.”

Well!  And that be our action card!

This means that while there are factors that want to keep you in the past, pining for things gone by (even childhood), the moment is now and you are invited to live fully in it.

It’s Friday – maybe there are interesting developments waiting for you tonight, that will let loose the Queen of Cups in you?

Have fun!

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