Queen of Rods

Yesterday the Queen of Cups; today the Queen of Rods.




We’ve had Queen of Rods before.  The Enchantress; the magicienne.  In her lap curls a cat – her familiar, or her spirit guide?

“This Sunshine Lady brings love and light to the people around her.”

This card as an action card urges you to seek out company, perhaps to invite guests.  Also listen carefully to the messages your little dogs and cats bring to you – or even the sparrow that chirps in front of your window.

Today, let’s bring sunshine to all whose lives we touch.

One thought on “Queen of Rods

  1. […] We’ve done the Queen of Rods before.  This beautiful Queen is lovely and bountiful, nearly radiant like the sun; and the Wild Beast sleeps on her lap. […]

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