Eight of Swords




Amazing what a desolate image!

The girl, bound and blindfolded and caged by eight swords, stands in the water.  The sea is coming in.  In the background looms a castle.

Swords represent decisions.  In this case, she is in a precarious spot without enough information or means, forced to make a decision blindly and unable to carry it out (she is bound).  In other words, an impossible predicament.  She cannot move; while the system (the castle) looks on without giving, in Rhett Butler’s words, a damn, my dear.

If you are in this position, you cannot ignore it but must stand strong and brave, even if there is nothing you can do about it.

A psychological trick:

Instead of worrying, envision the worst scenario that can happen.  Then imagine it has already happened.  What are your next steps?

Having thought through your response to the worst case, you have armed yourself with available actions.  With this foundation, stand strong and know that the worst case is usually quite unlikely and rarely comes to pass.


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