The High Priestess




Ruled by the Moon.  (This is interesting, I’ll draw the Moon too, to give you an impression.)

“She is balanced between the pillars of peace and severity.  Signifies a mystical quietness; something remains hidden, do not rush.”

Action card:

Remain balanced.  Make sure both your self-discipline and your inner peace are in place.  You need to wait to see what is revealed; patience is indicated.  The Moon asks you to use your intuition.

On our 30-day path:

This indicates a node of calm.  Remember yesterday you were stuck in a terrible situation, your hands tied, blindly making decisions you could not carry through?  Today, regain your balance.  Today, see the big picture.

Nothing ever happens without a reason (more specifically: a purpose).

The Universe is not a dead lot of dust circling each other.  Dead things don’t circle.  The Universe is an intricate balance of forces, among others the force of Life.  These forces are tightly interwoven; everything is part of everything else.  Is this by design, or has it simply happened?  The perfection with which things tend to come to a resting balance, often is interpreted as there having to be a creator.  But what if the creation and the creator are one and the same, a single immense living entity?  Well that’s just a thought to bounce around your skull for today (*wink*).

I promised I’d draw the Moon, as she’s related to the High Priestess (lucky readers:  You are getting two cards from the Major Arcana today!)



A’right, the first one is a fantasy card (though I posted it, it is very beautiful).  The second card has the elements the typical Tarot Moon has.

Two canines are baying at the Moon:  A dog, and a wolf.  The path divides our civilized side, logic and learning, from our wild side, intuition and emotions.  In the distance, two towers or towering rocks like a gate on the path (reminding of the Sphinxes in “Neverending Story” – a gate that must be passed.  In the foreground, water and a lobster or crab.  The Moon rules the star sign of Cancer.

The third card depicts the sensual, emotional aspect of the Moon.

Implicated here is the “shifting sands of superficial relationships” and the potential of deception as moonlight can be treacherous.  The card indicates that supernatural events are in the air.

However, the Moon also plays an immense role in most major religions and is pretty much the central figure in Wicca (a form of modern paganism).  The date for Easter, for instance, is set after the moon.  So the Moon herself is often regarded as the High Priestess, or Goddess.

Here is an old song that is basically an ode to the Moon:

“Sister Moon” by British artist Sting  (Gordon Sumner)



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  1. Great post, and Sting tribute to Sister Moon!

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