The Chariot

Work pressure is not being conducive to this journey!  I’ve missed yet another day.


The Chariot has been associated with many things; but for me, it symbolizes a journey through life.  The black and white animals drawing the chariot (often Sphinxes) represent good and bad forces pulling on us, which influence the direction our path takes – unless we, the person driving the chariot, take control.

The background is sometimes a city, more often the universe.  It reminds us that we are Cosmic beings and our true home is the Universe.  In one depiction the charioteer (a hero?  a prince?  a warrior on a quest?) wears a yin-yang on his chestplate, once again symbolizing the mottled nature of our souls, susceptible to both good and evil influences.

To me, the Chariot is the card of the Seeker.

As an action card, drawn for my blog friends, what does it mean on our journey?

I would say, keep an open mind, keep in balance; and most importantly, keep moving forward.  All shall become clear; keep in mind you are on the way somewhere.  

Don’t drink and drive this weekend.  (And no – don’t smoke and fly, either, please!)


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