Seven of swords – The Star – Ten of Rods

Today’s a weird one.  Two cards leaped out of the pack as I shuffled, and who wasn’t listening?  When I drew the third, I decided to give you all three – even if the first two are reversed.

1) Ten of Rods, reversed

A man, weighed down with many heavy burdens, is trying to return home.  In this version, he has some impossible obstacles to overcome.

Reversed:  Keep courage:  Things will lighten up soon. Your burdens shall be taken from you…

Ironically, when our burdens are lightened, we don’t always experience relief but sometimes a sense of loss.  For instance:  Leaving (or losing) a nasty job, you lose the income, too.

2) The Star – reversed

Reminiscent of the film “Star Dust”.

The Star is about the blending of the substances.  In many versions the lady pours liquids, wine into a running river or one liquid into another from cups and flasks.  In this one, she blends energy, light and cosmic particles.  New ideas are created, new possibilities open.

Reversed:  Indicates disappointment, or potentially an unfulfilling social or business association coming to an end – but good riddance.

3) Seven of Swords:

In so many versions of this card, the man walking off with five of the seven swords looks like a thief!  Just look at that smug face, doesn’t he look so pleased with himself?  In many versions, he is even looking back regretting that he has to leave two of the swords behind!

This card came out upright.  I take it as a lead that it’s the strongest indicator for today.

Grab what you can and run!  ^__^ Only kidding.

This card is indeed about salvaging what you have, and walking away.  Inevitably some things will be left behind. Make sure that you have the most important parts with you.

The Message Today:

These three cards have a united theme.  This is:

  • Move on. Things are changing. The landscape of your life is mutating, old success habits don’t work as well as they used to.  You need to adapt; perhaps a move or a change of job is imminent.
  • Let go.  Allow this to happen; it will happen anyway, whether you like it or not.  Tie up loose ends.  Give away clutter.  Go with the flow, because if you don’t you may end up injured.
  • Salvage what you still need.  Ten of Rods indicates that your burden will be removed – this includes, perhaps, some things you were still clinging to for security.  Let go of what you don’t need but make sure you salvage – the message of Seven of Swords – what is important to you.
  • Be prepared for something entirely new. The Star couldn’t have said it more clearly, could she?  She blends the energies, new ideas and worlds are created.  While she tells you plainly that you will lose an association that was probably not that beneficial, she asks you to keep an open mind.

Things are changing.  Best you adapt and embrace the changes. 

I have decided to add a post in character analysis today; based on the fairly simplistic but rather brilliant system by Hippocrates, the “Four Temperaments”.   Why?  The changes these three cards predict, are rather dramatic.  I rarely get such a clear message from three different angles.  These changes will be deep, probably affecting all of next year and potentially altering careers and the direction of your life.

It is funny about predictions.  To paraphrase Newton (at least, it is said that he said it but it’s also said of various other last-century physicists) : “It’s complex to make predictions, especially when they concern the future.”

But in this case, it’s not all that complex.  I could have predicted this, reading your blogs…  looking at the economy… listening to politicians…  regarding the weather changes…  seeing how species are still disappearing into the endless gut of human greed… you, yes you!, are affected by this and it will upset the direction your life is currently taking.

The World has a funny way of righting wrongs, in the big picture.  You and I, we must adapt, be on our toes, salvage the swords we need and leave those behind that have become obsolete.

Onto my other post!  (Link below)

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