Three cards again to drive the point home

I drew Queen of Rods.

Four of Swords and Five of Cups came jumping after, and isn’t that odd?  Two days in a row, two closely related messages.

We’ve done the Queen of Rods before.  This beautiful Queen is lovely and bountiful, nearly radiant like the sun; and the Wild Beast sleeps on her lap.

The words “hostess” and “charity” are also dropped in connection with this card.

This is a very good card to start the reading.  I take it to signify today and right now as the other two cards jumped out unexpectedly, for more information.

Action Card:

This card wants to centre you, bring you in touch with yourself.  Be at peace; everything is fine right now and there is no cause for panic.  You are strong and resilient; you have the power.

The other two cards don’t give such a single positive message.

Four of Swords:  Is she merely resting – or is she dead?

In more traditional depictions it’s a knight resting on the stone slab in the tomb, with his ancestors.  The grey in this card, too, would indicate death, or at least a paralysed sleep from which awakening is nigh impossible.

I love this particular depiction.  She reminds me of me.

This card indicates an immobilizing situation; you cannot move.  The swords are threats you are facing; or serious decisions you need to make.

Remember, yesterday the advice was to take what you can salvage, and make a clean break.  Today, it seems, you ought to be resting, as some of your decisions concerning the move will sap your energy and warrant some serious consideration.

Five of Cups:  In the same line

Once again, today the cards reinforce each other’s messages.

Five of Cups ties in with seven swords yesterday:  You cannot take it all with you.  Some things will inevitably get spilled and you will mourn them, in the process of moving forward.  Don’t forget that you haven’t lost all.  Two cups are still standing, and in the distance, your goal.

Don’t be immobilized by what you have to give up.  

Remember:  To make a beautiful omelette, you’ll have to break an egg.

Now be courageous, make your decisions, start sorting your belongings, take today to rest so that tomorrow you will be able to move ahead with energy.

2 thoughts on “Three cards again to drive the point home

  1. An absorbing post: and I shall take that wonderful omelette quote away with me 🙂

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