Three of Rods – reversed

We had the Three of Rods before…


A man awaits a ship coming in.  It indicates dreams coming to fulfilment, plans to fruition; the proverbial “ship coming in”.  I also love, in this fantasy version (first card), the connection to “Stardust” and its airborne pirates.  The fantasy card depicted here leans much more on the travel aspect of the card; striking out for new horizons, looking for new opportunities.  In the second, more standard version, the birds indicate freedom and inspiration.   They can also be messengers, so listen carefully to what the little people of Mother Nature will try to tell you today.

But the card came up reversed.  In that case, it means:

Someone has a hidden agenda.  Make sure offers of help are genuine.

Also, reversed it may indicate a delay (more delay!  After Sunday’s three delay cards) in your larger plans.  Be patient but don’t give up; rather find creative ways around problems (like the birds flying upside down in the reversed card).

This card, upside down, says:

Not yet.  Don’t rush into things – do your planning carefully and keep believing even if it looks as though things are turning your plans upside down.  Take the next step, one step at a time.  You will be fine.  It is after all three of Rods, a very positive card in total.


4 thoughts on “Three of Rods – reversed

  1. colonialist says:

    The cards and messages are both fascinating.

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