Inspiration heading your way

  • The Star
  • 7 of Swords
  • Knight of Pentacles

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The Star

The Star - Tarot

The Star – blending the substances; inspirations, new ideas, creative solutions

My most beautiful, most favourite card for inspiration.  We covered the Star before.


  • Inspiration
  • New ideas
  • Creative solutions to problems

It’s a wonderful card to start the day on; the Star always adds lift and happiness to our reading.

Action:  This card tells you to brainstorm for new ways of achieving your big goal.

7 of Swords

7 of Swords

7 of Swords – partial success – the thief – salvage – cut and run

Also the 7 of Swords was discussed before.  


  • The Thief
  • Cut and run
  • Salvage what you can
  • Partial success

The card has a double meaning (trust a thief!).  It is indeed the card of the Thief.  It could mean that you will be partially successful; but also that you need to be watchful, protect yourself against theft (and intellectual theft, etc.)

The girl is picking up swords from the battlefield, sneaking off with them.  Sometimes what you need is there for the taking (I’m not telling you to steal!  Make use of available free, honest resources), but you need to be selective.  The motion suggests that something came apart there – and you’re picking up the pieces.  Be discerning.

Action:  In line with our journey, this is a card of evaluating what you need to take and what to leave.  Protect yourself against dishonesty though.

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles – knight to the rescue – here comes a powerful ally

“He takes his responsibilities seriously and finishes what he starts.”


  • Help on its way (knight to the rescue)
  • “Tilling the fields” – patient consistent work
  • hero
  • money (pentacles/coins)

I’m very pleased we drew the Knight card.  Here comes help!  You are not alone.

Action: Get serious; do what needs to be done.  Accept help where it is genuinely offered.

In summary:

The Star – 7 of Swords – Knight of Pentacles  gives the following picture:

The inspiration is there!  You will find creative solutions to get much closer to your goal.  Sit down and brainstorm and plan; try new approaches.  You will have to discern what you can rescue and what you must leave; your resources may be lying around openly for picking up, but (as with the internet) you will have to be selective what you use.  You may have to be stealthy and under-inform some who would interfere and break your plans; perhaps be careful whom you tell of your big goal.

And lastly, there are strong forces conspiring to help you.  The Knight is partially the hero within yourself, so stay brave about this; but also, others more powerful than you may offer to lend a hand.  Accept it gracefully.

Good luck, and now get going! 😉 The longest journey starts with a single “oi!”

(latter quote stolen from my friend Dinx)

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  1. This is so interesting 🙂

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