Today’s guidance card: The Chariot

The Chariot

(We discussed the Chariot before, too.)

Whew, what a card!  This beautiful image is from the deck of Verena Heinrich’s tarot.  It reminds vividly of the fantasy of Marion Zimmer-Bradley, ‘The Mists of Avalon’, ‘The Forest House’ and so on.

A young girl is riding through a foggy forest at night, riding a carriage drawn by two horses.  In traditional tarot, one animal should be white and the other, black, representing the forces pulling you in opposite directions (the light path; the dark path).  But in this version they are both fairly dark in colour.

The environment, too, is quite hostile.  Can she see where she is going?  Is she lost?


  • Life path
  • leadership
  • balance of forces
  • stay in control

What it means:

Keep calm, keep driving through what seems to be a very dark patch of your life.  The path may not be clear; you may not be quite certain where you are going, but right now, motion is key.  You need to stay moving.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a clear goal?
  • Do I know what actions I must take?
  • Am I moving ahead?  Am I doing the steps I set myself?
  • Is it working?  Am I getting closer to my goal?

Have you written your goal down?

Do you have an action list (on paper)?

Have you set yourself a schedule by when to have done each step?

Revise:  Do your action steps need to be improved?

To do right now:

Take a piece of paper, or better, your year planner (yes, the one we never use properly) and write on it:

  • Your large goal with a date
  • things that need to happen for it to come about
  • dates by when you want to do each step

Put this plan next to your computer.

Stick a copy on or next to your mirror so you can see it every morning.

Take the first (or, next) step right now.





7 thoughts on “Today’s guidance card: The Chariot

  1. I have Mars in the first house. So, my Chariot is always on the move!

  2. I forgot to add that Mars in Cancer, and Cancer ASC in natal chart. You know what that means, it’s like the chariot scene in the movie, Ben Hur!

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