Today’s guide card: Five of Wands

Five of Rods

Five of Rods, Wands

Five of Rods or Wands

Five youngsters are sparring. In this version, they all grow from the stem of the same tree; but in most other versions too it is pretty clear they are probably brothers, or cousins.

There is a distinct lack of leadership and teamwork here; possibly skirmishes over petty issues.


  • Small issues
  • Petty fights
  • Lack of leadership
  • Take charge!


This struggle may lead to some success if you take a leadership role.  Mostly however this probably means that you’re in for pointless family squabbles.  They are a drain on your energy; think carefully if they are worth the fighting.

Rods or Wands have also been associated with:

  • fighting
  • growth
  • transformation (they are wands, after all)
  • leadership (as in, a sceptre)


Try to avoid ructions with the family this weekend as they may end up simply distracting.  Stay focused on your goal.

Right now:

Take the next step towards accomplishing that goal.

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