Today’s card: Nine of Pentacles

The Question:

When I shuffle the cards, I usually ask:  Give me a card that will have meaning to my readers on the blog.

Nine of Coins

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Nine of Pentacles:  A card of utter loneliness.  Its other name could have been ‘Solitude’.

A woman – possibly a princess – stands in the palace gardens having a conversation with a wild bird. The association with nature is there; also with spirit. The the birds in the sky reinforce this point.  At her feet, ‘money-daisies’ are flowering.  She is not impoverished; but she is utterly alone, except for her link to nature.

In some decks this lady is elderly or mature; here, she is young, possibly a teenager on her first sortie into the realm of spirit.  We always set out on our path alone.  At various times we find ourselves at solitary nodes.

Is today such a node?

The power of solitude:

This card recommends ‘quiet time’.  Take time to contemplate your path; perhaps meditate or pray.  Become still in yourself.  Spend some time in nature; make your ‘golden list’ counting your blessings.   Try to retain something of that inner stillness throughout the day, make yourself a quiet moment and carry it with you.

We cannot solve every problem in our life today; but if we live today correctly, tomorrow will take care of itself.

The other card for Nine of Pentacles that intrigued me is this one:


It’s the Lorelei!

Once again, the message is solitude (who could be more alone than she?)  The association with spirit is there too (water; the Moon);  and with loneliness but no material shortage (what could the Lorelei need?)

She is perched upon her rock, looking down on the lovely scenery, and other people’s boats.  She can look at it but never be part of it.  All she can do is meditate, contemplate – and occasionally lure a skipper onto the rocks with her beauty.  This is part of her nature though; do you think she can help this?

I love the association with the Moon, and the silver path on the sea.  If The Moon (card) weren’t already ‘my’ card I’d claim this one for myself, now.

Remember to become quiet today.  Pick a mantra (I like:  ‘Just for today I shall not worry’) and keep it close.  

By tonight, review how your day went.



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