Five of Swords, and feedback



An empty victory – a pointless defeat

Two unarmed figures flee in the distance as the victrix holds “all the swords”.

Interesting elements in this particular version:

  • Ravens – not your standard spiritual messenger but more the harbinger of bad news
  • The Ocean – water:  Abundance, flow, emotions
  • A small ship:  Trade, a voyage
  • Most of all the ominous weather.  It’s night ( the guidance of the moon is there) but additionally there’s a storm brewing.

This card may indicate family squabbles.

In a family tiff, there is always a winner and a loser – sometimes several of them – but everyone leaves feeling sour.

Perhaps this card is to remind us to stay peaceful, to pick our battles carefully and make sure they achieve something.

I would like some feedback on our 30-day journey.

Did you journey with us?  (30 days of – almost – daily tarot readings to see how they support our plans.)

Did it mean something to you?

Which cards spoke to you the most?

Did you reach your goal or are you significantly closer to it?

Let me know, in the comments!  

4 thoughts on “Five of Swords, and feedback

  1. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    The Ocean spoke to me! I feel abundance coming but I cant see it yet. But I feel the TSUNAMI like waves waiting for me and the anxiety is overwhelming and exciting at the same time!

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