Ace of Pentacles – Reversed!

Here come pennies from heaven – not!

The Ace of Pentacles came out reversed

When an ace comes out reversed it always makes me uneasy.  Aces have a tremendous positive power, moving things forward, helping to create new beginnings; when drawing an ace I literally feel the lift of that trump.

So when it is reversed, I feel uneasy.  But it seems as though this card comes in the nick of time.

Wise words for the season:

Look to the pennies!  Avoid unnecessary spending:

Money does not buy happiness.


How many of you are staggering around the shops overloaded with presents that will be opened, will elicit a thankful smile, hug and possibly kiss and then be filed away under ‘present received from —‘?

How many of us turn Christmas, Hannukah and so on into a spending frenzy?

How many buy expensive foods for the season, and end up broke by the 2nd of January?  Who spends your very last penny (hemhem, not trying to be punny) on Christmas and New Year?

Instead, do something for yourself:

Grow a Money Tree!

You aren’t helping anyone (not genuinely) by showering them with gifts on Christmas.  You’re not impressing any inlaws (though why you’d want to impress them anyway…) by going all-out on your dinner.  Instead, go for filling but affordable dishes; look up delicious but cheap recipes online; make a sweet dessert like Greek Baklava that is so sweet that it satisfies the sweetest tooth and the craving for extra sweets is taken care of.

Then, put away at least 10% of your total December intake (salary plus bonus) into a long-term savings, and resolve to pay yourself 10% every month next year.  See where it takes you.

Now go forth and have fun!

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