Have you found your Christmas-Zen?

How many of my blogfriends have followed the suggestions I made in the last post and are heading for a Zen holiday season?

Sometimes I play “Wheel of Fortune” with my Tarot cards.   That is:  I shuffle and shuffle and shuffle, and draw, and – nah! – put the card back and go again.

That’s what I did now, and guess what came out:

The Wheel of Fortune


Yes – that be me messing with the “Wheel of Tarot”


Playful as a kitten

Brr – sinister!  The Wheel turns.

The Wheel Turns

You’ve heard that banal platitude, “the only constant is change”.

Well, if you’ve been having a spot of bad luck, the Wheel is turning!

But if you’ve been on a particularly lucky streak, beware, because the Wheel turns…

If someone has slighted you or done you in:  Rest assured, the Wheel turns!

For good or for bad, “this too shall pass”.


Then make sure you live the good times well and don’t step on people’s karma!  😉





2 thoughts on “Have you found your Christmas-Zen?

  1. I have a different worldview than you. But the artwork on your site is lovely.



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