Lady Luna’s Four Cloaks of Charisma

Lady Luna, You who are of shimmer and glamour,

Lend me today Your four cloaks of Charisma.


Allow me to wear, innermost, Your Cloak of Empathy,

Shining golden, allowing me to connect to people and truly understand their hearts.


Over this, allow me Your Cloak of Perfect Focus,

Blue as a laser, concentrating fully on the person I am listening to, and

Making them feel heard and taken seriously.


Then dress me, over this, in Your exuberant Cloak of Enthusiasm,

Allowing me to speak hope, fun and action into people and to

Rally them to my Cause, which is aligned with Your Cause.


And then last, as an outer shell,

Please allow me to wrap myself in Your Spiky Cloak of Authority.

That the time-wasters, the nit-pickers, the fight-starters

Will back away and not stand in my path.


I shall wear Your four magical Cloaks of Charisma,

And I shall look after them,

And I shall return them to You tonight as I return to my sacred space,

Undamaged and beautiful

With deep thanks.


So may it be to the good of all. It is done.


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