Morning ritual for an inspired day

Here’s a little ritual to work through every morning, to bring more light and inspiration into your day.  This requires strong visualization.  You can do this while still in bed, before getting up, or you can go the whole hog and cast the circle for it.  Either way it does not take long and makes a huge difference.  I’ll describe the one that includes the circle of light.

Here we go:

Enter your Sacred Space. (* I’ll talk more about Sacred Space at another point.)

Stand in the centre of it, holding your wand or athame (I like using my crystal athame).  Facing north at first, with the athame draw a circle around you, visualizing drawing it in blue light.  Draw the circle sunwise, three times. Close your eyes and visualize the line you have cast.  Crouch down, “pick up” the line of light and, standing up, raise it into a wall of blue light.


“I cast the circle, I raise the circle, I create my sacred space” as you do this.  Visualize how the blue walls of the circle separate your circle from the outside world.  Sounds become muffled; you have cleared out the mundane and are now in a place of pure magic and potential.

Draw down the light of the Goddess around you.  Invite her into your sacred space.


“Goddess, Lady of Light, bless my path today that I may embody you and do your work.”

Stand for a moment remembering that you are Infinite Potential and Light; you are magic.  Hold the feeling of this, while contemplating how you have been assigned a mission here on Earth.

You are already doing your mission; even if you don’t know what it is; but at this point you can ask for insight or a clearer vision of what you are supposed to be doing.  Stand listening for instructions; even if you don’t receive them consciously, have faith that they are being downloaded into your subconscious mind.  You will be guided today; your actions will have meaning.

Now remember your five most precious blessings in your life and give thanks for them.  This can be a silent experience of thankfulness, or you can list them out loud and thank the Goddess for them.

Take another moment to experience the thankfulness; then thank the Goddess for the guidance she will provide today.  Ask that this shall be for the good of all.

So may it be.

Return to your physical self, thank the Goddess for gracing your circle with her presence, and release her.  (*This is not as though you’re sending Her away.  She has temporarily created a focused presence in your circle, and by releasing her, you signal that you are ready for her to de-focus and return to her more diffuse form.  If she chooses, she’ll remain focused and accompany you in focused form through a part of your day.)

Release the circle by opening it widdershins, three times, with your athame.  Say:

“May the circle be open but never broken.”

Visualize the blue walls of light dissipating.  Reality is flowing back, you can hear your surrounds again.

Take a deep breath, keeping the light of the Goddess around you that was given you to guide you on your path,

… and open your eyes.

You are now ready to take on the day.

Blessed be.






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