Double Vision

Thought for the day.

Terry Pratchett called it “First Sight”.

Most people, when they meet someone new, see that person as the person is today.  When they get to know the person a bit better they start understanding why that person became the way she is.  Only people who care enough to make the effort to understand, ever get this far.

But there is another level of “seeing”.  Visionary people look at a person and see what she could potentially become.  They look at a piece of land and see a beautiful house that will be built.  They look at a garbage dump and see the meadow overgrowing it, 100 years in the future.

Terry Pratchett’s Nanny Ogg has this “First Sight”.  She looks at the newest addition to the family in its glorious babyness and sees the man or woman the baby will one day be.

There is a hitch to this gift though.

A Visionary cannot stop herself from seeing the future.  And so, Cassandra took one look at what Paris had done (stolen Menelaos’ wife) and foresaw the war the king would visit on Troy.  It’s seeing that coffee mug standing at the very edge of the table, knowing it will be knocked down.

So, isn’t it our duty to intervene?

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