Of subtle signs and Tarot Cards

I drew 2 cards for a friend who has been receiving subtle messages from her guiding deity in form of animals. She asked for inspiration and a bit of guidance, so Friend, here it is:

The two cards are:

Knight of Swords;

Ace of Pentacles.

Knight of Swords

Image by azboomer from Pixabay

The deck I use most is the Mary Hanson-Roberts Tarot deck. I believe this makes a difference, because just as the Artist added her subtle interpretations and meanings into the cards by image and word, also the way I read the cards goes beyond conventional Tarot interpretations and into listening to subtle cues that relate to experiences the Questioner is having.

Knight of Swords charges into a situation without much discernment, and gets away with it. (The inverse speaks of a man who falls in love at first sight and therefore can make poor choices.) This is interesting as I associate the sword with judgment and intellect, the ability to make clear and sometimes harsh decisions.

Friend, here is what I read from this card for you.

While I can’t be sure whether the knight is yourself, it seems unlikely for one reason: He has wings. This knight is actually an angel guide, and the way he holds up the sword to you, with the light reflecting a criss-cross off it, is a call for you to do something. Take action. Go rush in, and seeing that the light actually crosses in front of the sword, the other message I get is to let your decisions be 100% guided by the Light, not by your own intellect. It’s an action card, and one that calls to pretty immediate action. It’s funny how this works because I’ve been using this deck for years and never saw the angel wings on this knight’s shoulders before.

My Friend, the angels are still leading and defending you, as long as you stay focused on the guidance of the Light.

The other card I drew for you (one that almost got away) is the Ace of Pentacles.

Ace of Pentacles

Image by tomekwalecki from Pixabay

The Ace of Pentacles is of course the Ace of Diamonds.

In the Mary Hanson deck, it is shown as a single Pentacle coin embedded in lilies, behind a background of luminous golden clouds and pink sky, as you’d see after a storm at sunset.

I know, Friend, that for you it’s just been Stormy Season. Not fun. But the storm has passed, the clouds are golden, the little lilies are opening their pretty faces again (they do look like a wild, smaller variety of lily, like perhaps some of the countless species flowering here by the wayside). Aces usually denote new beginnings; and the Ace of Coins in particular is the master money card. Great money is on its way to you. The conventional explanation speaks of a career boost or change or similar. This is not sacrificial money that came because of someone passing; it is new, earned, deserved money that you truly own, that was generated by you with your own vivacious energy. So Friend, get ready to receive!

This reading comes in January still; so I hope it sets a good start for the year ahead.


~ AQ ~

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