Goddess Download

Last night I had a dream that stopped being a dream and turned into a download:

I was saying goodbye to someone I’d just met (can’t remember any specifics about the person), and I said, “It was a privilege to meet you.”

And suddenly here She was, correcting me:

“No, tell them: ‘It was a privilege to meet Me.’

The person needs to know they are privileged to meet You. You are the giver. They should value You.”

She then went on to instruct me:

“Tell them:

Come to me with your cup empty, so I can fill it for you.

Come to me thirsty, so I can quench your thirst (for knowledge, for love, for light, for more).

But if you come to me with your cup already full, or you are not thirsty, or you don’t come to me at all, then how can I bless you?’

She continued:

“Know that You* are my vessel, You are Me, you need to be Goddess to these people, because but for you few**, who else will do this?

Only through You can I do this sacred work.”

*addressing me; **meaning us lightworkers.

I would like to unpack this last statement a bit, because my first thought was: As an unlimited Spirit Being, how can She say this? Nothing is impossible to her. She does not need any of us… but, I guess, She may mean that we have the possibility to connect closely enough to people on human basis that we can make that difference.

The key concepts in Her message to me were this:

We (lightbringers) are her vessels, to pour light, love and knowledge into people’s lives. But just like we come to Her to get replenished and refilled with the pure divine Light, people who you as a lightworker want to give to (love, insight, abundance or whatever) have to meet certain criteria:

  1. They must come to you.
  2. They must value you and realise they are privileged to meet you.
  3. They must come with an “empty cup”, “thirsty” (heart open, mind open, not just ready to receive but actually thirsty for what you can give them).

Let me know your thoughts in the comments about all of this.

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