What’s the password?

In line with keeping some magical things magical, and Sacred, not everyone can access all the spells, incantations or meditations. These magical moments are channelled, and we want to keep them exclusive to genuine Seekers, Lightbringers and Practicioners.

How to get your key?

Leave your request in the comments, and we will PM you the key. Please be respectful and don’t pass it around.

Kindest regards

Your AQ Green Fairy

What’s the password?


2 thoughts on “What’s the password?

  1. gipsika says:

    Hey AQ. Will you be password-protecting all your posts?

    • aqgreenfairy says:

      Hi gipsika. No, just some of them. Some of the spells and rituals, you know, where a lot of high-energy magic is involved. But you can PM me for the password if you like!

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