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I hope it will be your escape, too.

Tarot is an ancient art of divining the future and looking for answers.

The Seeker (that is you) asks a question.

This can be any question, related to you, your life, your immediate situation or long-term plans, perhaps some clarity about an impending decision.

The Magic:

The Tarot reader (that’s me) shuffles the cards holding your question in mind.  As I do this, I ask for guidance on your question, and I plug into the cosmic knowledge grid.  This is done by entering a light trance… something that is as easy for me as slipping into a pair of shoes, due to many years of practice.

I spread the cards. You send me your picks of cards, numbered 1 – 78.  I select the cards from the spread, and arrange them, face-up, and study them.

The Reading:

You will not only get the classic meaning of the card.  (You could look that up online!)  You will get my guided interpretation on how it fits onto your situation, as well as additional, channelled messages the guides ask me to relay.

Points to keep in mind:

The cards are always relevant to what you asked!

It is an option to draw additional cards for clarification if some of them don’t make sense to you.  But also remember that the answer you expect may not be what the universe has in mind for you. Take it as it is given.

Tarot can be a lot of fun, and very insightful. 

But never lose sight of the following:  Your own actions determine your consequences.  You are the engineer of your future – as much as is within human control (some marker events are apparently predetermined).  You can get pointers and glimpses through a Tarot reading, and suggestions concerning your next steps and your planning.


Available readings:

(Please note:  The links will go live as I activate the different modules.)

1. Single-card inspiration.

I love these.  Draw a single card to get inspired for the day.  Hold the message of the card close for the day and see where it takes you. Includes a short guided interpretation.

Click here.

2. Seven-card Horseshoe Spread.

A favourite.  A moderately comprehensive overview of your situation, includes a recommended action card!

Click here.

3. Present-Past-Future, or Body-Mind-Spirit.

3 cards drawn to shine intense light on what is happening and what needs to be done.  Involves deep tapping into the cosmic information grid.

Click here.

4. Deluxe, online live full-hour reading appointment.

There is no limit on the number of cards, or questions asked.

Click here.

5.  Interested in learning how to do these readings yourself?

I’m setting up a comprehensive course.

Click here for more information on the course.


Who am I?

A green fairy.


I live here (when I get the chance) :



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