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Welcome to the Escape of a Greenfairy.

I hope it will be your escape, too.

What’s the point in Tarot?

Tarot is an ancient art of divining the future and looking for answers.

The Seeker (that is you) asks a question.

This can be any question, related to you, your life, your immediate situation or long-term plans, perhaps some clarity about an impending decision.

The Tarot reader (that’s me) shuffles the cards with your question in mind.

In a 1:1 situation where you are facing me in person, I let you cut the cards.  Then I spread them (face-down) and you draw; depending on which spread you were looking for, 1, 3, 7 or 10 cards.  I also give an option for unlimited cards – you keep drawing for every new question.  This applies to complicated situations; but usually the 7 or 10 card spreads (The Horseshoe, and The Celtic Cross) give full, detailed, satisfactory readings, where the 3-card (Yesterday-today-tomorrow, or Body-Mind-Spirit) gives a decent overview, and a single card serves to inspire, point you in a direction, or simply boost your courage to do what you knew was the right course of action in the first place.

The Reading:

Once you have drawn the cards (let’s say for argument’s sake, you drew 3 for a past-present-future spread), you arrange them as you drew them, face-down, facing me.

I then turn the cards over one by one and study them, while contemplating your question.

Here’s the magic:

The cards are always relevant to what you asked!

Don’t ask me how this is possible; I don’t know.  It simply is.  I will post some of my personal views on the interrelatedness of the universe, cosmic energies and life force; these all are fairly large posts and will go in a category separate from the Tarot posts.

Someone once said that an experiment is a question you pose to Nature, and if you pose it correctly, you will get an answer.  Not always the answer you expected; but an answer that is correct.

I see Tarot much in the same light.  You ask the Cosmos a question, and then you draw the cards (or I draw them, focusing on you), and by a process that some would call “random” (I don’t believe in coincidences) you will pick the cards that give you an answer.

Interpreting Tarot cards

Each card has a wealth of meanings.  Each card also means different things to different readers, and each Tarot deck has slightly different inflections due to the take of the artist.  This is what keeps it so interesting!

Still nevertheless, there are main interpretations that are associated with each card.  For instance, Death means 1) a death, 2) a dramatic change to something that is so drastic that you are practically starting over, and therefore by inference of course, 3) new beginnings (that you didn’t necessarily ask for).  I’d like to see, in the card of Death, the Phoenix arising out of the ashes; but this is my own personal interpretation and other mediums will have a different view.

In a distance reading, where I don’t have you before me but we are communicating across a computer, you ask your question and tell me which spread you would like; I shuffle, draw the cards and interpret them for you.  This happens by email; I don’t publish a personal reading.  I’ll send you a photo of the spread, and its interpretation.

Readings on Skype are not yet available but are “on the cards”.

You may contact me here if you like:

Who am I?

A Celtic gypsy fairy from the forests of mid-town Limerick, next century.  I come to you through a time/space portal.  ^_^

(*FYI my old blog friend from the “Letterdash” site:  My previous avatar was another very accurate photo of me:


And I commented under the name AQ, which WordPress won’t allow me to do, hence, “aqgreenfairy”.

I live here (when I get the chance) :




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