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The Fool! The Fool, the Fool

I love the Fool!



  • The dog:  

The faithful companion who will follow the Fool wherever (s)he goes.  This little dog is certainly no guide dog, no guardian spirit, brings no extra wisdom to the situation; it is literally the “moon shadow” following you.  What it does bring is love and loyalty, friendship even to your and its demise.

  • The Cliff

Now this is an interesting one.  It can be interpreted to mean different things.  Of course one meaning is that you may be “sailing close to the wind”, taking unnecessary, reckless risks and it may well end in irreversible damage.

But on the other hand, it can also represent a leap of faith; looking at the first card, the Fool launches himself into free-fall, fearlessly reaching for a higher goal.  I suppose sometimes such a Fool is breaking free of a perceived limitation (gravity) and sprouts wings to reach the goal.

It can be interpreted, too, as a Fool being completely unaware what a yawning cliff awaits a foolish decision.  The cliff can represent the mis-step you will forever regret.

And yet again, looking at all three cards, the common thread is the big picture.  The Fool is not concerned about the past, or the stuff on the ground; he is aiming to fly.  It is an ideas card.  When brainstorming, put aside realism and imagine what could happen if.  You may be surprised how many resources you find.

  • Stepping out

The Fool has a distinct, unstoppable forward motion.  There is a lot of youthful energy in this card, and natural wonder.  “Get out into nature” could be one suggestion.   Remember when we were children and nothing would keep us indoors unless it were actually raining buckets?

Sometimes the Fool’s message is:

Leap before you look!  Take a risk!

Five of Swords, and feedback



An empty victory – a pointless defeat

Two unarmed figures flee in the distance as the victrix holds “all the swords”.

Interesting elements in this particular version:

  • Ravens – not your standard spiritual messenger but more the harbinger of bad news
  • The Ocean – water:  Abundance, flow, emotions
  • A small ship:  Trade, a voyage
  • Most of all the ominous weather.  It’s night ( the guidance of the moon is there) but additionally there’s a storm brewing.

This card may indicate family squabbles.

In a family tiff, there is always a winner and a loser – sometimes several of them – but everyone leaves feeling sour.

Perhaps this card is to remind us to stay peaceful, to pick our battles carefully and make sure they achieve something.

I would like some feedback on our 30-day journey.

Did you journey with us?  (30 days of – almost – daily tarot readings to see how they support our plans.)

Did it mean something to you?

Which cards spoke to you the most?

Did you reach your goal or are you significantly closer to it?

Let me know, in the comments!  

I invent a new Major Arcana Card and nobody notices??

I rest my case!

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Here’s today’s card, but I’ll leave you to interpret it yourself  😀

Knight of Rods – reversed

Today’s Card: The Critic

The Critic


  • Criticism
  • Self-destruction
  • poor work
  • self-image

The Critic

A haughty man pulls up his nose at you.

Note the dark grey background, implying negativity; also, the complete absence of any magical implements whatsoever.

The Critic is not part of the creative process; in fact he can be its death-knell.

Everyone knows one; woe betide you may even be one yourself!  The Critic has the power to destroy where others create.  He has no own creative capacity; he cannot weave miracles like other people.


Someone is criticizing your work, your person or something about you.


Ignore, ignore, ignore.  If it’s constructive, it’s critique, not criticism, which is always negative.

Is the critic yourself?

Are you harsh and critical on yourself?  Do you always have to prove that you’re one notch better than the rest?  Be careful that you don’t end up being harsh and critical with everyone around you.

Not only that, but being over-critical with yourself can actually stop you from reaching for your dreams, for your full potential – because there’s that little critic inside you that says:  I’m not good enough.  Right?

Time to let go of the inner critic.

Time to avoid the outer critics, too.

We are each on a unique path through life.  Even your parents can’t criticize your path; it’s not their path.  So avoid people who are critical of you; and go forward without criticizing yourself every step of the way.

Ah non, je ne regrette rien…