The Fool! The Fool, the Fool

I love the Fool!



  • The dog:  

The faithful companion who will follow the Fool wherever (s)he goes.  This little dog is certainly no guide dog, no guardian spirit, brings no extra wisdom to the situation; it is literally the “moon shadow” following you.  What it does bring is love and loyalty, friendship even to your and its demise.

  • The Cliff

Now this is an interesting one.  It can be interpreted to mean different things.  Of course one meaning is that you may be “sailing close to the wind”, taking unnecessary, reckless risks and it may well end in irreversible damage.

But on the other hand, it can also represent a leap of faith; looking at the first card, the Fool launches himself into free-fall, fearlessly reaching for a higher goal.  I suppose sometimes such a Fool is breaking free of a perceived limitation (gravity) and sprouts wings to reach the goal.

It can be interpreted, too, as a Fool being completely unaware what a yawning cliff awaits a foolish decision.  The cliff can represent the mis-step you will forever regret.

And yet again, looking at all three cards, the common thread is the big picture.  The Fool is not concerned about the past, or the stuff on the ground; he is aiming to fly.  It is an ideas card.  When brainstorming, put aside realism and imagine what could happen if.  You may be surprised how many resources you find.

  • Stepping out

The Fool has a distinct, unstoppable forward motion.  There is a lot of youthful energy in this card, and natural wonder.  “Get out into nature” could be one suggestion.   Remember when we were children and nothing would keep us indoors unless it were actually raining buckets?

Sometimes the Fool’s message is:

Leap before you look!  Take a risk!


Guidance for today: Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups: The Alchemist

alchemy, seven of cups

The Alchemist

Weird and wonderful things jump out of his cups!  Anything is possible; but you need to focus.  Stop building castles in the air!


  • ideas, new possibilities
  • empowerment
  • abundance
  • call to focus


The suite of cups has to do with abundance.  7 cups is quite a bit of abundance there!  Also associated with:

  • emotions
  • flow
  • ideas (as opposed to swords:  Critical thinking, discernment, decisions)
  • wealth in more than money

The Alchemist recombines things, conjures things, comes up with new ideas; but how much is illusion?

You have the power to create “small miracles” in your life. 

Action :

“Stop building castles in the air.  Focus.”  

Three of Rods

Today’s card:  The Three of Rods.  What a glorious card!

First impressions:

A white-haired luminary holding a flowering rod (and two more by his side) gazes out over the sea into the glorious sunrise as his ships return.

Your hard work is paying off!  What a wonderfully positive card.  Water signifies abundance, financial wealth, and also a wealth of emotion (usually, also spirituality).  The tide is coming in, rolling in, the waves are coming to greet you where you stand on the shoreline.

Take a moment and recall the last time you saw the sun coming up over the sea.  Remember!  Breathe the fresh, salty air, feel the nippy breeze tugging at you.  Are there clouds?  Aren’t they painted orange and gold?  Isn’t the sea pure gold in the reflected light?  Did you find treasure – a shell perhaps?  Iridescent colours, rainbows in the mother-of-pearl?

How did it make you feel?  Didn’t you feel completely alive, as though the world had just been born?  Didn’t you feel all the possibilities of forever, contained in one precious moment?  You took a deep breath, content, simply, to be…


(don’t you love that second card?)

Additional interpretations:


“A dignified man watches from the shore as ships return to the harbour.  Trade and bargaining are on the horizon.  Although compromise is necessary, you are negotiating from a position of strength.”

More common meanings:

Help, guidance is being offered.  (In the second card, the fantasy card, the wands or rods act as guiding lights.)

Also:  Gain perspective by looking at the big picture.

On the Hanson deck, the rods are budding, ready to burst into flower.  This also signifies reward, and results for your work.

HALT – but beware:  The clouds look somewhat dark, don’t they?  Is there a storm brewing on the horizon?  Perhaps it is nothing…  after all, clouds are simply potentialities, they may or may not develop into storms.  Perhaps they will simply blow away.

What this means for us, today:

Remember we started with a King of Swords:  Decisions to be made.  The next card was the Knight of Cups, offering help, championing us, taking up the mission.  (Our own inner knight?)  Yesterday brought toil and difficulties, fatigue close to burn-out.  So (I do hope) we went to bed timeously, and awakened rested this morning, to be greeted with the wonderful possibilities of this card, the Three of Rods.

We shall see some returns, some fruit of our labours today.  Isn’t that lovely?

There is a slight warning of a possible storm…  but what do you say?  Let’s be the sun that shines it away!

Let me know your thoughts on this.