Rainbow Chakra Activation Meditation

This meditation can be done at any time when you want to be more in touch with your spiritual self. It can be done in 5 minutes (but you can also take longer if you like) and it activates the 7 main Chakras along your vertical axis and opens you up to the Web of Light.

It can even be done in a public place if you can find a comparatively secluded spot. Watch the *asterisks for tips on that.

Rainbow Chakra Meditation:

  1. Preparation:

Begin by finding a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed, and where you can close your eyes without feeling self-conscious. This could be a quiet corner in the work lounge, or outside under a tree (given it is not raining). Sit comfortably; if you are sitting on the ground, you may sit cross-legged or in lotus position, otherwise just pick a chair that allows you to sit with your back straight.

Cast a blue light circle around yourself, once, or for extra safety you could cast it three times (sunwise) and raise the walls of blue light. This can be done with an athame, or your index finger pointing.*

Once the circle is cast, purify its inside with a blast of white light that you send out from your fingertips. You are now in Sacred Space.

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Rest your hands in your lap, palms up; you can close the circles of your thumbs and middle fingers if you like. You are now ready.

2. The Core of the Meditation

Take a deep breath and breathe in white light; slowly exhale and let go of everyday stress. Do this three times.

Visualize golden-green Earth energy streaming into you from the ground, either from your feet if you are sitting on a chair, or directly through your Root Chakra. You can visualize the light rising like a tide in you, or spiraling up your spinal chord.

Focus on your Root Chakra, the red chakra you are sitting on. Visualize it expanding and opening up. The red chakra is where your basic body identity resides. Notice the red light unfolding from your chakra as the energy feeds into it. If you are alone, hum a low note, or chant:

I am.

The Light moves up to your Sacral Chakra, in the area of your womb (guys also have a sacral chakra; it embodies creativity in all human spirit bodies). Visualize it opening, like a warm flame, in orange light, and hum the next note on the scale or chant:

I am enough.

Watch the Light rise up to your third Chakra, the yellow Solar Chakra. This is your powerhouse, your centre of energy. Visualize it unfolding like a sun, and chant:

I am powerful.

The Light moves up to your Heart Chakra, which is green with a centre of pink. We are most connected, with Earth and with others, through our Heart Chakra. Chant:

I am Love.

As the Light moves up, your Throat Chakra opens. This one is light blue and is the centre of communication; here lies the power to speak things into being, as well as to connect to others; to heal (or hurt) with words, to speak the Truth (or to deceive); to influence for good or bad, and to impact people’s lives with your words. The power is yours. Chant:

I Speak.

The Light moves up further, and the Indigo Chakra on your forehead lights up. This is where we create our powerful thoughts and visualizations; our plans and dreams; it is where we weigh and analyze, and where those of us with the gift of Vision foresee the future. Chant:

I See.

The Light moves up to our Crown Chakra, which is lilac into white, our connection to the Universe, and it opens up and radiates like a supernova out. Visualize how our Light connects with the Web of Light, made up of every living and spirit being’s light. Chant:

I am Light.

Sit quietly for a few moments, just visualizing the light coursing through you, your chakras open like a rainbow, and your connectedness with the Web of Light.

Slowly take three breaths, with each one becoming more aware of your physical body again; by the end of the third breath, open your eyes.

Dissipate the circle of Blue Light, saying “the circle is open but never broken”. Take one last deep breath, breathing in the World, look around you, orientate yourself and return to your day.

If you are in a public place with people moving about:

*If you are in a public area and people are moving about, do this entirely in your mind with visualization, with your eyes closed. The rationale is that people will leave you alone if you only appear to be resting or meditating; but if they see you moving around raising energy etc, they will get curious and ask questions, and there goes your moment for meditating!


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