Introduction to a new adventure

It has been a mad ride! So busy just surviving; but as I learn to master an utterly human device, a schedule, time miraculously gets freed up for me again, and for my blog. Returning to it; I am stunned by the stats – my gorgeous peeps, I have subscribers! That’s more than I ever expected. Thank you! (*takes a bow, pointy shoes touching forehead and wing tips touching ground.*)

So I have decided to write about something that in one form or another touches everybody: Money – and the confusing riddle of why its magic is so unlike any other magic.

Let’s start by looking at money attitude.

Trade is as old as humankind. But currency was invented, to our best knowledge, by the Phoenicians (who might well have been the Atlanteans – shhhh…)

But, money has long stopped being merely coins or notes, or flashy pretty cards or a tap with your Smart Watch… money has started having qualities that remind downright of a living thing: Money can do good or bad, it can work, it can enslave, it can waste away or grow, it can even corrupt. All these are action words we use for people. We wouldn’t use them on another object – how can a house, a car or a piece of clothing corrupt a person? But, money can.

That is because money is not an object.

Repeat that out loud: Money is not an object.

(Haven’t you heard that somewhere… ?)

Money is not an object; it is an idea, a force and a form of energy.

Oh, you get some over-pious people saying “money is the root of all evil”. But they are wrong, they don’t know their own scripture (and it’s embarrassing that a wild fairy from the woodlands should be quoting it at them). The text actually reads, “the love of money is the root of all evil”. (And I hear it as “the lust for money”- a.k.a, greed and avarice.) Sure enough, greed and avarice cause a tidal wave of crime, from pick-pocketing to bank-robbery to grand scams.

But, let’s look at it the other way round. The lack of money is equally capable of causing crime. The desperation for money can drive people to do things they wouldn’t. And why? Because, money is a life energy. It buys your kids food and a roof over their heads. It keeps you off the street. In today’s day and age, surviving without money is an art form that only very few can practice (I’m talking about the self-sustaining off-the-gridders), and that only because at some point, they did have enough money to buy themselves into a situation where they can now live without the authorities coming after them.

Am I cynical? I don’t think so. Only a bit realistic. You need money to live; how can wanting more money to live better, be evil?


Money is not the only game in town.

(I’ll explain what I mean in the next money-luck post.)

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