Reversed! Page of Pentacles

Reversed:  “Disordered, illogical or rebellious thinking”


Today my interpretation is useless.  Somehow I can’t find the link.

The Page of Pentacles is regarded as the card of the scholar.


A young person, even a child, holds a coin.

Does it signify first earnings from a job?  Financial responsibility on one too young?  Does it signify an immature (and therefore ineffective) approach to finances?

Reversed, does it mean the young person has been deprived of the means to move forward and start what he / she wants to do in life? Does it mean (s)he (how do you pronounce (s)he anyway??) is making a mess of finances due to an immature approach?  Perhaps it indicates a financial dependency?

As an action card, this tells us only one thing.

Grow up and start taking responsibility for your money!


2 thoughts on “Reversed! Page of Pentacles

  1. That’s probably something which could be said of most of the Western World 🙂 But it was a day for putting my money in order!

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