I drew the Nine of Pentacles…

but couldn’t find the time to blog it, this morning.



A strange little card…  it depicts material abundance, the comfort of a good life, the time and leisure to rear exotic birds (or perhaps, engage in falconry).  Yet there is an element of solitude, a certain emptiness that comes with the calm – this lady is waiting for something.  She is alone; she is at peace with herself, in some interpretations this translates to wisdom; yet there is no emotional engagement.

My own interpretation:

This is a moment of quiet.  I don’t agree with the conventional interpretation that coins (suit of pentacles) cannot depict spirituality.  This card by its very calm expresses a time-out; a moment spent in meditation, considering one’s life.  It is a pause in the journey; a stock-take, and with it comes the realization that you have a lot.

This is the moment to make a “Golden List”, of items for which you can be thankful.  

Try to list 20 items.  You may find your ideas drying up after six or seven; then look around you.  You will find more than twenty.

Another impression:

Along with the quiet of meditation comes the possibility that your possessions are imprisoning you.  Can the lady move outside the safe confines of her luxurious gardens?

Is there something you should let go, like the lady the bird, to open the prison gates and allow you to emerge into the world outside again?

Please post your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear your ideas on this card!











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