Guidance for today: Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups: The Alchemist

alchemy, seven of cups

The Alchemist

Weird and wonderful things jump out of his cups!  Anything is possible; but you need to focus.  Stop building castles in the air!


  • ideas, new possibilities
  • empowerment
  • abundance
  • call to focus


The suite of cups has to do with abundance.  7 cups is quite a bit of abundance there!  Also associated with:

  • emotions
  • flow
  • ideas (as opposed to swords:  Critical thinking, discernment, decisions)
  • wealth in more than money

The Alchemist recombines things, conjures things, comes up with new ideas; but how much is illusion?

You have the power to create “small miracles” in your life. 

Action :

“Stop building castles in the air.  Focus.”  

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